We are now buying radio scanners in good condition…

Used radio scanners are now in hot demand as the supply chain shortages in the new era of COVID restrictions, changing formats of how and who we can hear, supplier pricing and the small niche market for the scanner radio enthusiasts getting smaller have sent buyers hunting in the second-hand market for their preferred Radio’s.

Whether you are looking to upgrade, downgrade or part ways someone is always out there that could be the looking for the exact radio you want to sell!

Let us know what you have and as many details of what you are looking at selling, we can then start the process and go from there….Some questions will be..

  • What’s Included with your radio?
    • In addition to the scanner do you have the cables, chargers, a case, maybe the original box and set up guide?
  • Condition
    • Are there scratches and dents?
    • If internal batteries, how long does it last?

We can even sell on your behalf. Free to advertise on the site forum and drive your potential sale to a place where all the details are held and best of all….


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