Too often we find ourselves using hardware or software packages and we only have the counter staff to consult with or an email address that we could have to wait what could seem decades for a response from which can be frustrating at the best of times. Often we are stumped how to get around an issue with some piece of software or hardware, or want to find out more about tricks, accessories or what aerials work best to make life easier, often someone has already come across the same issue or question before so why not learn from them directly? With that in mind Blow on the Pie has recently set up a USER FORUM ONLINE, for people from any corner of the globe to discuss and help each other regarding a range of Radio Scanner topics and more.

What Topics are Available?

At this stage we have added categories such as GENERAL SCANNING, SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO, and EVENTS, ADD A FREQUENCY and more. If a user or group of users would like to add further discussion groups, then just let us know and we can add this to our forums.

Moderating Forum Content

We will attempt to monitor as many message posts as we can or at least have a moderator for each forum in place to help with questions and responses. Although where forums have there advantage is that even other users can help you on solutions or answers to your questions eg: What Codes do the Police Use? What area frequency do I need to tune into? Can I add a New Code that I’ve heard?…..

Visit our user forum now and contribute where you can.