Police codes



Offence codes (4 digits) –

1st Digit – General offence category –
1= Violence
2= Sexual
3= Drugs/Anti social
4= Dishonesty
5= Property Damage
6= Miscellaneous

2nd 3rd and 4th digits give progressively more information about the offence.
For example 4211 4 = Dishonesty 2=Vehicles 1= unlawful taking 1=Motor vehicle (i.e. “pinching cars”)
4322 4 = Dishonesty 3=theft of property 2= From shop 2= value under $500 (i.e.Shoplifting)

Comm-centre generally only use the first two or three digits as it is not possible to correctly categorize the offence until the enquiry is complete


1110 Homicide
1210 Kidnapping/Abduction
1310 Robbery
1410 Grievous Assaults
1510 Serious Assaults
1640 Minor Assaults
1710 Intimidation/Threats
1810 Group Assemblies


2210 Sexual Affronts
2510 Indecent Videos
2610 Sexual Attacks
2710 Abnormal Sex
2810 Immoral Behaviour
2910 Immoral Behaviour/Miscellaneous


3110 Drugs (Not Cannabis)
3210 Drugs (Cannabis Only)
3410 Gaming
3510 Disorder
3610 Vagrancy Offences
3710 Family Offences
3910 Liquor Offences


4120 Burglary
4211 Car Conversion
4320 Theft
4410 Receiving
4530 Fraud


5120 Property damage
5210 Endangering property


6110 Trespass
6220 Littering
6310 Animals (Neglect & Cruelty)
6520 Postal/Rail/Fire Service Abuses
6820 Firearms Offences


7110 Offences Against Justice
7210 Births/Deaths & Marriages
7310 Immigration
7410 Racial
7510 Against National Interest
7610 Bylaw Breaches

Incident Codes (1 Digit/ 1 Letter)
Digit indicates the general category, Letter indicates the specific type.

1= Incident 2= Services 3= Preventative 4= Other Duty 5= Admin (rarely used on radio)


1A Alarm Sounding
1B Bomb Threat
1C Car/Person Acting Suspiciously
1D Domestic Dispute
1E Emergency/Disaster/Spill
1F Assist Fire/Ambulance
1G Solvent Abuse
1H Drunk Home
1I Blockage/Breakdown on Highway
1J Juvenile Complaint
1K Drunk Custody/Detox Centre
1L Land Rescue
1M Mental
1N Noise Control
1P Premises Insecure
1Q Breach Graduated Drivers Licence
1R Breach of the Peace
1S Sudden Death
1T Truancy
1U Traffic Incident
1V Vehicle Collision
1W Water/Sea Rescue/Emergency
1X Attempted Suicide
1Z Other Incident


2A Advise Relatives/Owner
2B Recruiting
2C Civil Dispute
2D Official Request for Information
2E Remove fences/structures/vegetation
2F Firearms Licensing
2G Liquor Licensing/Vetting
2H Draw Raffle
2I Information
2K Found Property
2L Lost Property
2M Missing Person
2N Civil Court Process
2O Court Orders
2P Public Relations
2Q Jury List Vetting
2R Recovery of motor vehicle
2S Summons
2T Warrant to Arrest/Fines Enforcement
2U Warrant of Seizure
2V Validation
2W Arrest Warrant (Other)
2Y Stock/Animals
2Z Other Service Request/Response


3A Attend Scene of Crime/Incident
3B Beat
3C Crime Prevention Advice
3D Dog Care/Maintenance
3E Employee Vetting
3F Foot Patrol
3G Watch house/Counter Duty
3H Hotel Visit
3J Comm Centre Duty
3K Keys Taken
3M Directed Patrol
3O Other Vetting
3R Road Checkpoint
3S Serve Summons/Execute Arrest Warrant
3T Turnover
3V Staff Visit/Supervision
3W Watching/Observations
3X Video Job
3Y Other School Talks
3Z Other Preventative Task


4A Attend Scene/Meeting/Course/Other
4B Mortuary Procedure
4C Correspondence/Counter
4D Demonstration Duty
4E Escort Duty
4F Fingerprint Examination
4G Travel
4H Photography Job
4I Injury/Sickness
4J Court Security (Prison Escort)
4K Court Attendance (Witness, etc.)
4L Logistics/Staff Transport
4M Meal break
4N Victim Advice
4P Public Entertainment Duty
4Q Enquiry/Investigation
4S Vehicle servicing
4U Lockup
4W Witness/Other Person Protection
4X Execute Search Warrant
4Z Airport Security


K1 No further police action required
K3 No offence disclosed (for incident initially reported as offences)
K6 Reported
K9 Arrest made.

The following codes are now obsolete but may still be heard on the radio:

K2 Event held until later (replaced by the term “pre-empt”)
K4 Warning given (now included in K6)
K5 Police form 258 or 101 submitted (now included in K6)
K7 Job left for expert (code no longer used)
K8 Job left for prime unit (code no longer used)


10-0 Off duty
10-1 Broadcast to all units
10-2 En-route to job
10-3 Available
10-4 Repeat your last message
10-5 Out of service for a short time (now obsolete)
10-6 Change channel….
10-7 Arrived at job
10-8 Busy but available
10-9 Urgent Message
10-10 Officer requires immediate assistance


EV Enter Vehicle
LV Locate stolen vehicle
QAFV Query Address Family Violence
QDH Query Drivers History
QEC Query Engine/Chassis number
QF Query File
QG Query Firearm Licence
QNFV Query Name Family Violence
QP Query Person
QR Query Vehicle register
QV Query Vehicle of interest (VOI)
QVH Query History of licence holder
QVR Query VOI and Register (combination of QV and QR)
QY Query Property


47 Report for the Coroner
58 See EBA (refers to section 58 of transport act)
101 form for reporting minor offences (Pol101)
258 General purpose police report form (Pol258)
AOS Armed Offender Squad
CAD Computer Assisted Dispatch system
CIB Criminal Investigation Branch (detectives)
CIU Combined Investigative Unit (detectives and uniformed officers)
CIS Criminal Intelligence Section
CRB Criminal Registration Branch (Photos/Fingerprints)
CVIU Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit
DLICNO Drivers Licence Number
EBA Excess Breath Alcohol (drunk driver)
GDB General Duties Branch (Uniformed Officers)
ION Infringement offence notice
MPR Miscellaneous property report
NIS National Intelligence system
Northcom Northern Communications Centre (Auckland)
OR Offence Report
POI Person of interest
PRN Person record number
QID Officer ident number
SAP Safe Arrival Point
SITREP Situation Report
SOCO Scene of Crimes Officer (Forensic)
SSG Specialist Search Group
STU Strategic Traffic Unit
TAR Traffic accident report
TESSA Telecom telephone number database
TON Traffic offence notice
TP Team Policing
TSB Traffic Safety Branch
TY Police vehicle involved in crash (derived from the treasury (ty) form that has to be filled in afterwards)
VOI Vehicle of Interest
WTA Warrant To Arrest
YAS Youth Aid Section
YES Youth Education Section
Zero Alpha AOS base callsign
File Number Number assigned to police file by the Wanganui Computer eg 971225/3456
Event number Number assigned to an incident dispatched from the communications center by the CAD system


Callsigns of units operating under CAD control are made up as follows:
Two letters indicating the unit home station (eg AK Auckland Central, TN Takapuna, WN Wellington Central etc)
A letter indicating the unit type One or two digits to indicate the specific unit identity.
eg AKX3 is an Auckland Central CIB (Detective) unit
SVH13 is an Auckland Motorways Traffic unit
Unit type codes (third letter) are as follows:

A Commissioned officer (inspector)
B Beat Unit
C Crime Car (CIB patrol for initial attendance at serious crimes)
D Dog patrol
E Uniform Enquiry unit
F Fingerprints/Photographs
G Logistics
H Highway/Motorway traffic unit
I Incident Patrol (Uniform)
J Combined investigative unit
K Scene of Crime officer (SOCO)
L Police Launch
M Mounted patrol (Horses/Bicycles)
N Senior Sergeant
O Community Constable
P Team Policing Unit
Q Single crewed unit attends historic incidents
R Rural Constable
S General Duties Sergeant
T General Traffic unit
U Air Support Unit
V Traffic Sergeant
W Misc Traffic units
X Misc CIB units
Y Youth Aid/Education
Z Diplomatic Protection Squad