We are now buying radio scanners in good condition… Used radio scanners are now in hot demand as the supply chain shortages in the new era of COVID restrictions, changing formats of how and who we can hear, supplier pricing and the small niche market for the scanner radio enthusiasts […]


One of our members has the following radio for sale and believe me this will be as mint condition as they come! Check out the specs on this radio, I use these myself and they are brilliant radio’s! in fact they are that good I have two! A LOT OF […]

Tactical Response Model 

Proactive release of papers relating to Tactical Response Model Nothing is more important to Police than the safety of our people and our communities across New Zealand. We cannot succeed in our vision to make New Zealand the safest country unless we are doing everything we can to keep our […]

Latest CCTV Camera Locations: Tauranga

two person standing under lot of bullet cctv camera

The CCTV cameras are renewed every five years. They are serviced by Nutech andConnect IT. The cameras are monitored by the Tauranga Transport Operations Centre(TTOC).The asset owner of each camera has the necessary permissions to view the cameras theyare responsible for i.e. Library Manager for library cameras. TTOC staff have access to andmonitor all cameras. The NZ Police have access to all cameras via an agreement withTauranga City Council. License plate data is held in a database for 30 days before beingdeleted on a first-in first-out cycle. Latest list […]

Online chat now live

Hey there people, just installed a little live chat to the site so if you have any queries feel free to give us a yell. If you have a question or would like something included on the site you can via this. I need to sleep at some stage so […]


Tauranga City Council CCTV & ANPR Cameras The camera location below is descriptive rather than GPS mapped as many of the cameras are at indoor locations. Cameras are monitored by Tauranga City Council staff in the Tauranga Transport Operations Centre (TTOC), Managers of some business units have access to areas […]